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Home Loan Checklist

Home Loan Checklist

The following checklist will help us maximize the time we spend together during your home loan consultation. This checklist includes most of the information that a lender will require from you and any co-borrower.

In preparation for your home loan consultation, kindly review the information below. We suggest printing this worksheet and checking each box after you gather the required documentation. Then create a home loan folder on your electronic device to scan and save copies of your documents. As you receive updated documents, kindly place them in that home loan folder, so your most recent records will be available to send to us during the loan process should the lender requests them.

If you have questions about this checklist or require assistance feel free to call us at 1-888-697-5453 or schedule your no-cost home loan consultation with an expert from Prominent Lending Group by clicking here.

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Social Security Number and Date of Birth

Valid government issued identification and Social Security card.

Paycheck (For W-2 Wage Earners)

Most recent pay stub that shows year-to-date earnings, no more than 30 days old.

W-2 Tax Forms (For W-2 Wage Earners)

Copies of your W-2's sent to you by all your Employers for the past two years.

Tax Forms (For W-2 Commission Based Earners, 1099/Self Employed, and Investment Income)

Signed and dated copies of Federal tax returns, including all pages filed with the IRS for the past two years, such as worksheets, K1's, 1099's, etc., and a current year-to-date profit & loss and balance sheet.

If Your Income Includes Pension, Social Security, or Other Sources

Copy of your most recent award certificate and most recent check from the issuing agency.

For Separated or Divorced Applicants

Copy of the separation agreement or, if finalized, the divorce decree along with any financial obligation documents.

For Applicants with Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or any Judgments Against You in the Past Seven Years

Copy of official documentation about the proceedings. Such documentation includes a copy of the bankruptcy discharge and schedule of both debts and assets.

Additionally, if there are judgments against you, the lender will require a copy of the original judgment, any payment agreements, or if paid, a copy of the release of judgment.

Employer Information

Company names, addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of your employment for the past two years.

Current Assets

Last two months Checking and Savings Account statements with all pages, Individual Retirement Accounts (401k's and IRA's), CD's, stocks, bonds, Life Insurance Policies with Cash Value, etc.

Real Estate Owned

Mortgage statements, Homeowners Insurances, Property Tax Bill, HOA Statements, Rental Agreements and Ledgers associated with each property, if no leans on Title provide Proof of clear Title, Final Closing Statement on any Properties sold within last three years.


Copy of the last statement on any debt you may want to pay off at the loan's close.

Housing History (Two Years)

Homeowners: Provide current mortgage statement(s), Homeowners Insurance declaration page, Property Tax bill, HOA statement.

Renters: Provide, Rental Agreement with Landlord contact info, copy of the current month's processed payment. Note: If your current residence doesn't cover two years, we require the address, any rental landord contact information, dates at the location, monthly payment, and if you rented or owned the property.

Residential Purchase Agreement (For Home Buyer Loans Only)

  • Copy of a fully signed residential purchase agreement and all addendums by all parties involved in the transaction.
  • Copy of Homeowners Insurance Quote.
  • Initial Down payment to escrow and Proof of funds to close.
  • If using Gift Funds from friends or family, please contact us before accepting them. DO NOT ACCEPT CASH; all sources of funds must be verifiable by lender accepted documentation.

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